GSA FEDdesk Portal
GSA FEDdesk Portal

Version Information

What has been changed?
The FEDdesk application has been upgraded in the following ways:
  • Application: Compiled in PowerBuilder 12.5
  • Operating System: Windows Server 2008
  • Delivery System: Xenapps (Citrix)
 General FEDdesk
Most of FEDdesk and ETAMS will look and operate the same.The few changes are listed here.
Logon Screen -
    What you will first notice is the difference in the look and feel of the logon page. It's darker and more sleek but has the same functionalities. For a comparison of the current and new screens, click the link here
Improved Printing -
    These changes will allow more printer types and models to function correctly. If you had issues printing to a particular printer in the past, try this version.
Exporting Files -
    The steps to export a report have been changed. For a comparison of the current and new methods, click the link here
( See General FEDdesk )
( See General FEDdesk )
( See General FEDdesk )

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