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When There Are Printing Issues
{Some suggestions may require support from your local LAN/Network representatives.}
First and Most Important:
  • The CITRIX plugin is required for full printer functionality. Please test printing capability using the most current plugin. The FEDdesk Helpdesk cannot assist printing issues unless the plugin is current.
How can I get my plugin version?
Other Suggestions:
  • Try reloading the plugin.
  • If your browser has 'security levels', try reloading the plugin with browser security levels set to "0" or off. You can reset the level after loading the plugin.
  • Be sure your PC has a unique Network name. {The Citrix server creates a printer's identity using a combination of the PC's Network name and the print driver's name. The print request is sent back via the TCPIP connection with command codes for the printer-type.}
  • FEDdesk prints to the default printer. If there are several printer drivers on the PC, all drivers may not attach and the default printer may be unreachable. Delete any unnecessary printer drivers and reboot.
  • In some instances, reloading the driver for the default printer driver and rebooting the PC will allow Citrix to 'see' the printer.
  • The driver for your printer may not be supported on the Citrix servers especially if the printer (driver) is a fairly 'new' or fairly 'old'. Contact the helpdesk with the name of the printer driver. (See footnote)
Footnote: Be sure to provide the entire printer driver name complete with upper/lower case letters and special characters. The driver name will be found in the properties of the printer icon.

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