GSA FEDdesk Portal
GSA FEDdesk Portal

FEDdesk and Portal Applications

The FEDdesk web site portal was developed by GSA to provide access to payroll-related applications.

The FEDdesk application provides access to GSA's time and attendance application (ETAMS).

The applications accessible through the portal are:

  • FEDdesk -
    • ETAMS - Electronic Time and Attendance Management System
    • ETAMS\Labor - Labor Module
  • ALOHA - Authorized Leave & Overtime Help Application
  • LABOR DISTRIBUTION - Labor Distribution Reporting
  • VLTP - Voluntary Leave Transfer Program
  • WEBPACC - Web PAR Accounting Code Changes

Electronic Time and Attendance Management System
ETAMS is a true, exception-based, employee time and leave reporting system. Time and Attendance data is input and approved by the client. ETAMS submits the data to the payroll system electronically.

On-line report and query capabilities make maintaining time and attendance 'cuff records' obsolete. ETAMS may also be implemented to interface with other payroll systems.
Labor Module
The Labor Module tracks work hours for individual employees as applied to customer-specified projects/categories. It is an add-on upgrade to ETAMS and integrates both time and attendance with cost allocation. Employee time may be distributed by various methods: Summary hours; Start/stop detail hours or; Percentages.


Authorized Leave & Overtime Help
ALOHA is a system for submitting and approving leave and overtime requests. It is centralized and available for use in replacement of local paper and electronic methods. Also, depending upon the time card's state, Aloha will update the current ETAMS time card with data from approved leave requests.

Labor Distribution Reporting
(Labor Distribution)
Labor Distribution refers to the warehouse and reporting system. Labor data is recorded in ETAMS and provided to the Labor Distribution system on a bi-weekly basis. Labor Distribution provides cost allocation via each employee's hourly rate-of-pay. The data is updated to reporting tables which clients may query via reporting software. Labor Distribution can also provide a cost-accounting interface for accounting systems.


Voluntary Leave Transfer Program
VLTP allows GSA-payrolled employees to donate leave to pre-approved recipients. The donated leave is updated directly to the recipient employee's leave balances in the Payroll system.

Web PAR Accounting Code Changes
WEBPACC is a method for our customers to make timely changes to the accounting codes under which their employees are paid. Data input through WEBPACC is passed into the payroll system.

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